Parashift Technologies

Build a result-driven website that cares for visitors

We are a website design agency that delivers more than just a website—think, online experiences.

Blend form and function to create an amazing website presence

What’s the point of a website if no one likes it? This is why we build websites that offer an alluring experience for your user. Our team of web developers can help you bring that unique experience to life—one designed with your audience in mind. You get to build a website that captures your audience’s attention and propels them through the sales funnel. All this while maintaining an authentic brand look and feel!

Our web design services make many things possible, such as:

  • Easy User Experience
  • Ease of accessibility
  • Search-Engine Friendly
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Responsive UI
  • Content Rich Website

Experts in WordPress Web Design

Under thousands of lines of code, we craft an intricate and dynamic website that brings your brand to life. Our website developers design the website using in-depth user data and personas. This ensures that every interaction directs the user through a deliberate user journey, building trust, which nurtures visitors into customers.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Bring a seamless website experience for your brand right into the hands of your audience with a responsive web design that works on all kinds of screen sizes.

SEO-Focused Website Design

Conquer the search engine algorithms with strategic structural and intuitive features that enhance user experience and improve SEO and SERP rankings.

Usability and User Experience

Craft a website with your user’s persona in focus, ensuring a flawless design and seamless user experience that is intuitive for your audience.

Quick Loading Web Interface

Deliver an optimized website that loads within the first second, delivering a responsive experience while gaining you an edge in your SEO rankings.

Branded Yet Intuitive Design

Back the website’s robust code with a thoughtful, modern website design that speaks for your brand and offers an inviting experience to the audience.

Creative Content Messaging

Channel relevant information right into the hands of your audience with SEO-optimized content and messaging that further enhances lead generation.

Learn how Parashift’s Web Design Services can expand your reach.

We are a renowned web design company, and we can help you create an impact with your brand. Our web design service allows you to thrive in the online world while taking your brand to the next level. So, are you ready to start the conversation?

What our clients say

Please accept our sincere appreciation for all the support that Parashift team extended while making both the websites. It was your dedication and your team support that the project was successfully completed. It has been great working with you guys on this project, always enthusiastic and ready with solutions. I am pleased the website turned out to be the way we envisaged. All the efforts put in by each team member to make this happen is well appreciated and hope to work with you guys on future projects too.

Akshata Kini | Head – Marketing & Communication
Capricorn Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

DIESL has been working with Parashift Technologies for the past 4 and a half years and over a variety of projects we have collaborated on new and interesting design concepts. The team is helpful, customer oriented and flexible in terms of timelines; this makes working with Parashift a real pleasure. They can be counted on regarding interpretion of a brief into a concept, and do not hestitate to improvise as ideas evolve on further discussion. Parashift team is enthusiastic about the work they do and willing to dive into unchartered territories when the situation demands.

Samiya Ali | Head – Marketing & Communication
DIESL – A TATA Enterprise