Tips for Good SEO with an Impactful Digital Marketing Strategy.

Sarfaraz Chowdhry
Salik Bin Siraj
Tariq Siddiqui
Shahnawaz Dhamankar
January 21, 2023


Did you know that 91% of internet searchers do not go past page 1 of Google? Data from 2022 demonstrates that ranking first generates a typical CTR of 39.6%. That’s more than double the CTR for the 2nd position, 18.4%, and nearly 4x the CTR for the 3rd position, 10.1%.

So, to be found on the search results, you have no option other than to rank on the first page first position. Thus, a solid digital marketing and SEO strategy should be in place.

In the mid-’90s, when the very first SEO came into the picture SEO techniques, like manual submission and keyword stuffing were used to rank well in the SERP. Now, it has come a long way, and SEO is becoming a crucial component of the overall success of digital marketing. So, a full-proof digital marketing strategy is needed to drive SEO successfully.

A strong digital presence starts with analyzing and understanding your targeted customers and market. Now, you must thoroughly study your customers, demographics, interest, social media, purchase behaviours, and so on. Try to collect as much information as possible through analytics tools like google analytics, before you prepare a proper 360-degree digital marketing strategy. Now that you know the profile of your customers, prepare relevant content and targeted content strategy. Publish your content on various digital platforms where your customers hang out, including websites, social media, blogs, Q&A platforms, forums, and others. Now that you have published your content on different digital platforms, it is time to analyze your performance and start working on the best-yielding model.

Now let us try to understand how a strong digital marketing strategy is the backbone of your SEO. Consistent digital marketing and steady quality content flow earn you brand loyalty, while SEO keeps the content steady and focused and drives traffic. Digital marketing and SEO are ever-changing as the algorithms are always updated. And with so much competition and ever-changing tricks and hacks coming for SEO and digital marketing, we will discuss the major factors that impact your digital marketing and help you rank a better position on SEO.

Before you start SEO, choose a digital marketing strategy, and create quality content for the website relevant to your target audience. Set the process of improving the overall quality and quantity of website traffic towards your website and constantly keep evolving the marketing strategy as per the search engine’s algorithm and user’s behaviour. Now that you have a defined digital marketing strategy, let’s see how you can plan your SEO strategy.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

To understand the persona of your target audience start asking questions like,

2. Optimize Website For Mobile Browsers

As of May 2022 data, 52.79% of the total web visits are from mobile users compared to 47.21% from desktops. So, you understand if your website is not mobile responsive, you are losing approximately 50% of the total prospective traffic. So as a business, you must optimize your website for mobile browsers to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).

3. Give Time And Research To Understand Your Customers

There are tools available like Google Analytics, Google keywords planner, Kissmetrics, CRM, and many other customer behaviour analytics tools that help you gather the data to understand your customers. A thorough understanding of your customers is the foundation of your SEO and digital marketing plan.

4. Educate And Provide Relevant Information

The various digital marketing strategies have now started bringing relevant traffic to your website. But you find that even though traffic is coming but they are leaving without taking any action. Again, start asking questions like, is your website easy to navigate? Are you providing the relevant information to your target audience? So, you must create quality content with appropriate call-to-action buttons and easy-to-navigate web pages to get the maximum results from your hard-earned traffic visit to your website.

5. Follow These Simple Practices On Your Website

Make sure you have a user-friendly website that helps your customers find the information easily. Use targeted keywords, prepare unique content, avoid unnecessary jargon and keyword stuffing, and keep tracking and improving your website performance.

6. Ensure You Follow These Seo Best Practices Regularly

Do an SEO audit on your website once a year, use schema markup & rich snippets on your content, and follow interlinking and intra-linking good practices.

7. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Social Media

In this age of social media, your customer’s journey starts when they find you on some social media. If they find something relevant that they are interested in on your social media posts, they ultimately land on your business website. Thus, make sure you share engaging, personalized, and relevant information about your products on your social media posts.

8. Monitor Your SEO Goals

Last but not least, you must constantly monitor your SEO strategy for the best results and higher ranking. SEO requires constant and consistent effort to rank high and hold the position. Thus, continuous vigil and relevant updates help you get the best organic results.

So, to conclude, we can say that a good SEO helps you leverage your digital marketing strategies. All these seem quite a task for you, right? There are expert digital marketing agencies like Parashift Technologies, which give a guarantee to rank your website on google search. With an impactful digital marketing strategy from Parashift Technologies, the best SEO and Digital marketing agency in Mumbai get the maximum ROI.

Sarfaraz Chowdhry
Salik Bin Siraj
Tariq Siddiqui
People say I have a crazy idea. So what! I'm good with crazy ideas. I'm gonna make them work.
Shahnawaz Dhamankar
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