7 Reasons You Need to Hire a Professional Web Design Agency.

Sarfaraz Chowdhry
Salik Bin Siraj
Tariq Siddiqui
Shahnawaz Dhamankar
January 21, 2023


When you have a new business or product, your first instinct might be to design your website. After all, it’s a logical first step in getting your business up and running online. You may be a whizz at Photoshop, have an eye for a great layout and know exactly what kind of website will best suit your brand. But creating your website isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are plenty of hidden pitfalls that can make designing and building your site from scratch more time-consuming and expensive than you think. So before you dive in head-first, here are some pros and cons to hiring professional web designers to build your website instead:

#1. You Can Focus on What You Do Best

There are so many elements to creating a website that it can quickly become overwhelming. There’s the creative side, the technical side and the business side. If you’re trying to do all three, there’s a risk that you’ll be spread too thin and never be able to finish your site. Did you know that 56% of small business owners are creating their websites? Or that 69% of those sites aren’t up to scratch? Creating your site isn’t easy, and if you’re not careful, you could end up with a site that doesn’t represent your brand or meets your marketing needs. You’ll be better off hiring a professional web design agency like Parashift Technologies. They have the skills and expertise to create a great website that meets your business needs. They can design your website quickly and cost-effectively.

#2. Professional Websites are More Secure

Many things can go wrong when you create your website. You could make a mistake with the code and accidentally create a security vulnerability. Or you may have missed an important element of the design process, like installing SSL. For example, did you know that the design you choose for your website can have an impact on your website’s security? Websites with dark backgrounds tend to have less secure designs. This is because they’re harder to read, so they take longer to process. You want them to be able to quickly and easily place an order or sign up for your email list. The best way to do that is to go with a bright, light-coloured background. This will make your website run faster, which keeps your customers safe.

#3. Professional Designers Know Best Practices

Building a website from scratch is a complicated process. There are plenty of elements to consider, and the order in which you do them can have a significant impact on the final result. If you’re designing your website, you’ll likely have experience in one or two of these areas. But it’s impossible to be confident in every aspect of website design. You don’t know what mistakes you’re making, because you don’t have the experience or expertise to know if something is off or doesn’t look right. You may have the best of intentions, but as you’re designing and building your site, you may be making mistakes that will take you a while to realize. Spending all that time trying to fix your site is a waste of your time and money.

#4. A Professional Website is More Attractive to Users

Users have high expectations for websites these days. They want websites that are attractive, engaging and easy to use. And they’re quick to show their disapproval if a website doesn’t meet those standards. A study found that a whopping 60% of customers will leave a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. And 48% of customers will leave if the website isn’t mobile-friendly. If you’re designing your website, you’ll likely be aware of these expectations. But it can be tough to meet them while building a site from scratch. If you’re hiring a professional website design agency, they’ll have the experience and expertise to make sure your website meets those standards. They’ll be able to make sure your website loads quickly and is easy to read and navigate. This will make your site more attractive to customers, which could lead to more sales.

#5. A Professional Website is Continuously Improving

There’s no such thing as an “end” to website design. Once your site is live, the work is far from over. A successful website needs constant maintenance and improvement. The longer your website is online, the more traffic it’s likely to get. This means your site will need to be able to handle more than it did when it first launched. You may be able to manage the traffic load by tweaking the code and adjusting your servers. But you also need to be able to update your site regularly to keep up with its growth. In theory, you could manage this process yourself. But you may spend more time than you’d like trying to figure out how to make the necessary changes and are also likely to make mistakes.

#6. There’s No Shame in Hiring Help from an Expert

One of the most common misconceptions about website design is that you need to be a skilled designer to create a great website. Many people think they can design their site because they’ve drawn a website on a napkin. Others think that they can learn how to design websites if they take some online coding classes. While it’s true that you can learn how to code on your own, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to do so quickly enough to create a high-quality website. Parashift Technologies is one of the best web design agencies that have the skills and experience to create a great website for you quickly and cost-effectively. Plus, they’re likely to finish your site sooner than you will.

#7. It’s the Only Way to Get a Great Mobile Experience

Nowadays, mobile devices have become more popular than computers. More than 50% of people worldwide use their smartphones as their primary devices for browsing the web. If you’re creating your website from scratch, you may make it easy to use on your computer. But if you don’t make an extra effort to ensure that your site is easy to use on mobile devices, you could quickly lose a large chunk of your audience. If you’re hiring a professional web design agency, they’ll be able to make sure your site is designed to be easy to use on any device. You’ll be able to quickly sign up for their services and have a mobile-friendly site up and running in no time.


Creating a website is a complex process that requires a variety of skills and expertise. If you try to do it yourself, you may end up creating a site that doesn’t accurately represent your brand or meet your business needs. If you hire a professional web design agency, they’ll be able to create a great website for you quickly and cost-effectively. Plus, they’ll be able to continuously improve your site to keep it up-to-date and relevant. If you want to create a lasting impression on your customers, then it’s essential to have a professional website. And the best way to do that is to hire Parashift Technologies the best professional web design agency in Mumbai.

Sarfaraz Chowdhry
Salik Bin Siraj
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