Top Nine Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Digital Marketing Agency.

Sarfaraz Chowdhry
Salik Bin Siraj
Tariq Siddiqui
Shahnawaz Dhamankar
January 21, 2023


Today, almost every business is well aware that online marketing is one of the most important factors in determining the success of its business. Well, you've finally decided to leverage your online capabilities to grow your business, right?

But where to start? How to start? What is the right digital marketing strategy for you? And so many questions to answer before you decide on your route plan for a successful digital journey.

All these seem overwhelming right? That's normal.

Starting with online marketing means hiring new people with digital marketing knowledge or setting up a completely separate department for digital marketing. This can be quite time-consuming, need your attention and supervision, and require hiring the right resources and time to set up the team before they can start giving ROI.

But when you hire an agency with expertise in Martech, you just need to simply state your online marketing goal.

But before we get into the exact benefits, let's try to understand why hiring the right digital marketing company can be the best decision you'll ever make for your business.

Focus on your core business: You're an expert in your domain, and you need not have expertise in digital marketing. Hiring a digital marketing agency means you can focus on your business priorities and do what you do best. All the aspects of your online marketing are now run by the expert agency's team.

1. Let The Professionals Do The Work:

When you hire a digital agency, you have the access to experienced and qualified experts who have specialized knowledge in the digital marketing field. They have relevant knowledge of various digital marketing tools, strategies, and analytics.

2. Cut Down The Overall Costs:

By outsourcing your digital marketing to an agency, you can save on the recurring costs of having full-time employees, including health insurance, salaries, overhead expenses, etc. You need various Martech tools to run a digital marketing campaign successfully, which are again recurring costs for you as hefty one-time payments or subscriptions.

3. Take Advantage Of The Advanced Digital Marketing Tools:

Hiring a digital marketing tool gives you access to advanced digital marketing tools, like Hubspot, Mailchimp, SEM Rush, Aherfs, Yoast, Buzzsumo, Google Analytics, and many others. All these come at monthly subscription costs or big one-time fees.

4. Get Insights Into Every Digital Marketing Campaign:

The best part of digital marketing is that you get to know the ROI of every digital marketing campaign. And it allows you to do A/B testing. Some amazing tools help you get insights about your customers, website visits, advertisement performance, how potential customers are engaging with your content and brand, demographics, and the overall performance of your digital marketing activities. But the bad news is if you go to buy these tools individually, they are very costly. A trusted digital marketing agency has access to superior tools, software, and analytics that can help you determine the KPI and best return on your digital marketing investment. These tools can make or break your ability to market your brand and help you drive maximum productivity, efficiency, and performance in your marketing activities.

5. Onboard Reliability & Accountability:

A good digital marketing agency offer both reliability & accountability. When you hire a professional digital marketing agency, you trust and rely on them to know the best online marketing strategies for your business. On the accountability side, you know that the hired agency is accountable for all your digital marketing activities and responsible for driving ROI. So, when you see your digital marketing activities are not generating inquiries, your social media is not performing, or you are not achieving the brand goal as per your expectations, you have someone responsible to answer every time.

6. Walk And Talk About The Latest Trends:

When digital marketing is not your core, it is difficult to keep track of every digital marketing trend, search algorithm update, and a new tactic. Moreover, there are so many different aspects of digital marketing. Social media, email marketing, SEO, video, content, paid ads, google analytics, the list is immense. If you don't know the latest and best digital marketing strategies in each of the channels, we're not going to do justice. So, it is done best when you outsource your online marketing.

7. An Unbiased Perspective Is Always Helpful:

When an external agency works for you, they give you valuable, useful, and genuine pieces of advice on how to improve your marketing and overall brand's online reputation. While for your internal team members it may not always be possible to communicate everything in detail.

8. Data-Driven Decision-Making Increases Profitability:

In today's online age, there is no excuse for you to not use analytics to improve your online marketing campaigns. Your digital marketing agency is responsible to provide you with weekly or monthly reports and you will know every performance metric of your online campaigns. With data-driven analytics, you can take critical decisions for your business and decide the future strategies.

9. Choose The Right Digital Agency:

Hiring any digital marketing agency is not going to drive the best results for you. Before you start finding a perfect digital marketing agency for your business, keep a few basic things in mind. Start by first understanding your needs and fixing your digital marketing goal before you share them with the agency. Digital marketing is a slow and continuous process, and if some agency is promising you instant results, think twice. Digital campaigns work best when they have a specialized team for every stream of digital marketing. Understand their customer portfolio and if they have an understanding of your products and services, and also ask them to share with you some of the tools and techniques they use for carrying out their digital marketing activities.

At Parashift Technologies, we create digital experiences that define your brand. Our digital marketing strategies revolve around various digital marketing activities, including Martech, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, PPC campaigns, and SEO. 0ur focus lies on creating 360-degree digital experiences for your targeted audience by ensuring that your brand speaks the same language on all digital platforms.

Do you have any questions about digital marketing? Feel free to reach out to us.

Sarfaraz Chowdhry
Salik Bin Siraj
Tariq Siddiqui
People say I have a crazy idea. So what! I'm good with crazy ideas. I'm gonna make them work.
Shahnawaz Dhamankar
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