Best Logistics Website Designs of 2021

Sarfaraz Chowdhry
Salik Bin Siraj
Tariq Siddiqui
Shahnawaz Dhamankar
January 21, 2023


We have compiled the best logistics website designs for 2021. These are the websites that we feel will help you get inspired, plan your digital transformation to stay ahead of your competition, and give your business a competitive edge.

Best logistics website designs of 2021 from around the world:

1. Flexe

Flexe Website

Flexe is a company that has been serving the world's largest and most impactful retailers with innovative, technology-driven logistics solutions. It specializes in combining excellence in delivery services for retail clients at a considerable scale to meet their individual needs and exceptional customer service. Flexe needed to represent itself not just as an established industry leader but also one that embraces its modern, tech-forward point of view. One Design Company timed the launch of their new site with a brand redesign.

Flexe is a very modern approach to a logistics website. The use of aerial shot videos on the homepage adds an entirely different kind of dynamism. The design is a seamless, and features primarily neutral palette of colors inspired by the logistics industry. The alternating black and white interface also helps to provide contrast for various types of content on the site, where bright technological accent colors can be layered on top to aid with wayfinding and interactive states across it.


2. IndoSpace

IndoSpace - Best Logistics Websites 2021

IndoSpace has become the largest investor, developer, and manager of Grade A industrial and logistics real estate. With a portfolio of around 43 million sq. ft. across 41 logistics and industrial parks, which includes fully developed parks and parks under various stages of development. Parashift Technologies worked with IndoSpace to rediscover an effective way to communicate digitally.

The new home page acts as a crossroads, effortlessly directing users to the relevant sections of the website. With rich interactive elements that ensure a smooth user experience, offering them a full overview of IndoSpace services and scale. The website displays brand colors through blue and green shaded color blocks scattered across the site. The website is also seamlessly connected to their social channels and CRM to streamline inquiry management. IndoSpace website is a new age website in the Logistics domain that raises the bar.


3. Fendale Logistics

Fendale Website

Based out of UK, Fendale is a dedicated team of industry professionals, and their constant investment in disruptive technology ensures that customer deliveries arrive on time, every time. Their website is built by Amino Creates Agency that expertise's in creating engaging digital experiences that captivate and motivate.

Every page welcomes you with large bold typography with masked videos that bring an entirely new dimension to interaction on scroll. In addition, small details like animated icons and maps add life to the pages.


4. Optimal Dynamics

Optimal Dynamics Website

Optimal Dynamics brings advanced artificial intelligence solutions to the logistics industry, helping companies automate and optimize operations globally. A forward-thinking, Baunfire prides itself on pushing the boundaries of digital design and development.

This website is a perfect example of a technology company's simple yet promising design approach that is well blended with some great logistics photography. A great contrast of black and white canvas with a minimal approach.


5. Logindustria

Logindustria Website

Logindustria is a full-cycle logistics solutions company with over 3 thousand customers from all over the world entrusting Logindustria with their transportation needs. Built by Anton Glukhanko from Russia. Anton offers complex design solutions for clients from start-ups to global corporations.

A very experimental approach that displays bold typography of company statistics with a rich 3D animation in the background. The page comes to life as the 3D container animation plays along with the page scroll. The Services pages are a great demonstration of isometric illustration of logistics elements with a play of bold typography on red and white.


How does your Logistics website rank?

Consumer expectations have changed with the advent of e-commerce. As a result, logistics and transportation companies today need a digital transformation that is as fast-paced as their consumers' demands, or they will be left behind by their competition.

We'd love to help you build a plan for your new website that matches your business goals and is tailored to your particular needs. Contact us to get started.

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